Dirigent . Musik-Arrangeur . Komponist - Conductor . Music-Arranger . Composer

Examples from the CONCERT - PROGRAMS

of Military Music Band Conductor Colonel Professor Hannes APFOLTERER

 (Almost all concerts he conducts without scores resp. without sheet music)





with about 450 members of all Austrian Military Music Bands

The following works were performed in exclusive houses (For example in the  Lemberger Opera, in the old VIMANMEK royal palace in Bangkok, in the Oriental Art Center in Shanghai, etc.) and/or as outdoor-performances and on festival stages:

Ballettmusik aus „Spartacus“

„The Year of the Dragon“

Ouvertüre „Solennelle“ 1812

Performed also with about 450 military musicians on the largest floating stage in the world in the festival city of Bregenz

A. I. Khatschaturian

Philip Sparke

P. I. Tschaikovsky

Symphonie Nr. 9  e-moll, „Aus der neuen Welt“

4. Satz:  Allegro con fuoco

Die Zauberflöte – Ouvertüre

Profanation aus „Jeremiah Symphonie Nr. 1“

(Highest degree of difficulty for wind orchestras and conductors, among others by the permanently changing time signatures.)

A. Dvorák


W. A. Mozart

Leonard Bernstein

A Symphonic Portrayal „The Crucifixion and the       Resurrection of Christ“

Ruslan und Ljudmila – Ouvertüre

Die Moldau (Performed with more than 100 musicians.)

Tower of Babel


Freischütz – Ouvertüre

Die sieben Weltwunder der Antike

Konzert für Violoncello und Blasorchester

Waldmeister – Ouvertüre

Summon the Heroes

Eine Nacht auf dem kahlen Berge

Symphonie Nr. 5 - 1. Satz:  Allegro con brio

Wilhelm Tell – Ouvertüre

In the Spring at the time when kings go off to war


Marinarella Ouvertüre


(The performance with about 450 military musicians at the festival stage

in Mörbisch had to be stopped due to bad weather with hurricane-like

storm gusts).

D. J. Del Ra


Michail Glinka

Bedrich Smetana

Hayato Hirose

Satoshi Yagisawa

C. M. von Weber

Alex Poelman

Friedrich Gulda

Johann Strauss

John Williams

M. P. Mussorgsky

L. van Beethoven

Gioachino A. Rossini

D. Holsinger

Leonard Bernstein

Julius Fucik

Georg F. Händel

Titles not listed are pieces of music from Austrian marching and military music, BIG BAND- and light music, Egerländer- to Oberkrainer music, various solo pieces, music pieces with solo singers and/or choirs, for instrumental soloists with non-typical wind instruments and own compositions.

International Large Military Orchestras with about 800 to over 1.000 international military musicians Military Music Band Conductor Colonel Professor Hannes APFOLTERER has conducted in Germany, Libya, ,Canada and Russia.

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