Dirigent . Musik-Arrangeur . Komponist - Conductor . Music-Arranger . Composer


in Austria and abroad


1 January 1994  -  30 June 2018





































Reception by the Federal President of the Republic of Austria, Dr. Thomas KLESTIL, in the Hofburg in Vienna.


Gala concert in the Haydn-Hall in Esterhazy Palace in Eisenstadt, in the Austrian State of Burgenland.


First Gala concert at the Tiroler Landestheater in Innsbruck.


Musical accompaniment of the Ceremony of the German Chamber of Commerce in the Great Hall of the Hofburg in Vienna.


Concert tour to Krakow, POLAND, as part of the „Austria imperialis“ campaign.


First Gala concert at the Congress Innsbruck (now every year).


Millennium Year – CD-production „1000 Years of Austria“ with explanations about the history of Austria, spoken by Gerhard TÖTSCHINGER. The development of the text and the screenplay for the film about the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik is due to Gerhard TÖTSCHINER. Filming began in 1996, with Gerhard TÖTSCHINGER acting as spokesman, the film was completed in 1997.


Concert tour to Bangkok, THAILAND, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the reign of His Majesty King BHUMIPOL ADULYADEI. There were numerous events and concerts, especially impressive in the presence of HRH Crown Princess SOAMSAWALI in the old Royal Palace VIMANMEK in the center of Bangkok and in the „Napalai Ballroom“ of the hotel „Dusit Thani“.

As the FIRST FOREIGN WIND ORCHESTRA, the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik played in the old all-teak VIMANMEK Royal Palace.


Concert tour to Lviv, UKRAINE, on the occasion of the re-inauguration of the war cemetery at Hujcze. Almost the entire 2nd Tyrolean Kaiserjäger Regiment fell here in the World War I. 800 Austrians and 300 Russians are buried in this cemetery.


Gala concert in the Lviv Opera.


Gala concert in the Great Hall of the University of Salzburg.


Gala concert at the Theater Auditoium Santa Chiara in Trento, ITALY.


CD-production „Ein Leben fürs Regiment“ on the occasion of 25 years Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik.


At the big festival on the Bergisel in Innsbruck, organized by the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik, Gerhard TÖTSCHINGER did not only help, he even put on an exhibition on the history of Austrian Military Music in the Kaiserjäger-Museum from 5 April to 26 October.


Concert tour to Brussels, BELGIUM, on the occasion of the EU Presidency takeover by Austria. Concert at Grand Place in Brussels, others in Antwerp, Eupen, etc.


Concert and various musical performances on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the death of Empress Elisabeth in Bad Ischl in the Austrian State of Upper Austria.


Early October, musical participation in the first guest appearance of the Spanish Riding School in Innsbruck. For the first time, she performed outside of Vienna in the big formation in the Innsbruck Olympia Hall.



























































































































































































































































































































































































































Gala concert in the Cusanus Academy in Bressanone, ITALY.


Concert tour to St. Moritz and Pontresina, SWITZERLAND, and to the Festival „Customs and Festivals in the Alps“ in Samedan.


CD-production „Zauber der Marschmusik“.


Musical design at the opening ceremony of the Ski World Championship in Sankt Anton am Arlberg.


Gala concert in the Congress and Cultural Center „Rondo“ in Pontresina, SWITZERLAND.

The next day, driveway in wonderful weather from St. Moritz on the mountain „Corvatsch“, where in the freezing cold from minus 10°C in about 3.300 m the „Kaiserjäger-March“ was played.


Musical participation in the Festive Mass in the Cathedral of St. Stephen in Vienna on the occasion of the 90th birthday of Dr. Otto von HABSBURG.


Concert tour to the Principality of LIECHTENSTEIN. The Liechtenstein Princely House is one of the oldest noble families. In the presence of His Highness Prince HANS-ADAM II of Liechtenstein and his wife, Her Highness Princess MARIE, to play music was an honor.


CD-production „Der Stolz Tirols“ on the occasion of 30 years Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik.


On the occasion of the 30th anniversary, major concert tour to Istanbul, TURKEY, at the invitation of the Turkish Army Command. At the 4-hour lasting „EUROPE CONCERT“, which was broadcast by Turkish television and broadcast throughout Europe, the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik played together with the „Turkish Symphonic Military Wind Orchestra“ from Ankara, the historic „Janissary Military Music METHER“ from Istanbul, the Ankara-born, internationally renowned Turkish pianist Fazil SAY and singers of the „TRT Istanbul Youth Choir“.


Part of this „EUROPE CONCERT“ was the premiere of the composition „Turkish Army March“ by Hannes APFOLTERER, who had dedicated it to the Turkish Army. The score of this march composition Hannes APFOLTERER handed over to the 1st Commander of the Turkish Army, General BAYAN CETIN DOGAN, who was present at this concert.


At this „EUROPE-CONCERT“ it came to the first personal contact with the Greek Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, His All-Holiness BARTHOLOMAIOS I., who is the Spiritual Leader of all Orthodox Christians worldwide.


With the „Concert between Europe and Asia“ on a ship cruising the Bosphorus, the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik was able to enthuse the elitist audience including ambassadors, highranking international diplomats, business representatives and select guests. By a joint concert with the „Symphonic Military Wind Orchestra of the Turkish Army“ and the „Janissary Military Music METHER“ in the Concert Hall „Askeri-Müze“ the same enthusiasm was achieved.


Musical participation at the opening ceremony of the Ski World Championship in Sankt Moritz, SWITZERLAND.


Premiere of the „Großer K.u.K. Zapfenstreich“, composed by Hannes APFOLTERER, in the context of the „Austria imperialis“ campaign in front of the Hofburg in Innsbruck.


Concert tour to Rome, ITALY. Musical arrangement of the prayer hour and the celebration of the HOLY MASS on the occasion of the beatification of Emperor KARL I., the last Austrian Emperor, by His Holiness Pope JOHANNES PAUL II. in the church Santa Maria Maggiore.


Holy Masses we celebrated togehter in Rome at St. Peters Square and in the church St. Paul in front of the walls.


Opening of the wellknown Matzener Summer with the performance of the large military historical musical sound painting „Dream of an Austrian Reservist“ by Carl M. ZIEHRER in one of the most beautiful and most valuable nature monuments of Tyrol, in the Matzenpark of the castle Matzen in the Tyrolean valley Alpbachtal. The overall responsibility for the performance with about 400 contributors as actors, instrumental soloists, two civil Tyrolean brass Bands, soldiers, horses, etc. of the Austrian Federal Army was at conductor Hannes APFOLTERER.


Performance of the large military historical musical sound painting „Dream of an Austrian Reservist“ in the Matzenpark of the castle Matzen, as in 2004.


Concert tour to Bad Berleburg, GERMANY.


At the invitation of Original Tiroler Kaierjägermusik, the Greek Orthodox  Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, His All-Holiness BARTHOLOMAIOS I., visited Innsbruck, the state capital of Tyrol. Hannes APFOLTERER had dedicated a music composition to him whose title the Patriarch selected. The premiere of „Love and Peace“ took place at the festival concert in his honor on February 19 in the CANISIUM in Innsbruck. Afterwards, the composer handed over the score with dedication to His All-Holiness BARTHOLOMAIOS I.


Concert tour to the People’s Republic of CHINA.


Concerts in Shanghai in the famous „Shanghai Concert Hall“, in the „Music Hall Shanghai“ and at the sold-out „Oriental Art Center“, one of the best concert halls in the world.


Gala concert in Nanjing in the Concert Hall „Wutaishan Stadion“ with 7.000 concert visitors, concerts in Suzhou, the Venice of the East, in the „Great Hall of the People“, in Zhengzhou, 800 km away, in the „People’s Congress Hall“, etc.


The vocal soloists at the various concerts were the Chinese mezzo-soprano Major SONG Ying and the Austrian tenor Martin KIENER. Among others, they sang the Chinese love song „Jasmine“ in Mandarin, which APFOLTERER  had set up especially for Large Wind Orchestra.


CD-production „Von Österreich in die Welt“ on the occasion of 35 years Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik. Vocal soloists: the Chinese mezzo-soprano Major SONG Ying and the Austrian tenor Martin KIENER.


Musical accompaniment of the anniversary celebration „120 years Achensee-Schifffahrt“ in Pertisau according to the motto „120 years ago“.


In 1887, a regimental band of the Tiroler Kaiserjäger played at the big ceremony, in 2007 it was the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik.


The first steamer, the „St. Josef“, was festively decorated as it was 120 years ago and the festive meal of the guests of honor was filled with delicacies from 1887.


Musical accompaniment of the celebrations for the 80th birthday of Karl Heinz BÖHM, former Austrian actor and founder of the Association „Humans for Humans“ - Help for Ethiopia - at the „Stanglwirt“ in Going am Wilden Kaiser.


As in 2004 and 2005, the performance of the large military historical musical sound painting „Dream of an Austrian Reservist“ by Carl M. Ziehrer with scenic representations of a total of about 400 contributors took place in Kufstein under the overall management of conductor Hannes APFOLTERER. Participants were the Tyrolean Kaiserjäger 1st Regiment, Schwaz, with commander Captain Gerhard GRUDL, actors, instrumental soloists, civil Tyrolean brass Bands, some soldiers, horses, etc. of the Austrian Federal Army.


The Large Wind Orchestra with 130 musicians in historical and contemporary uniforms formed an imposing orchestra and the different colorful costumes of the actors put the many spectators in front of the backdrop of the old town of Kufstein at the foot of the fortress in bygone times.


National parade in Innsbruck on the occasion of commemoration year „200 years Andreas Hofer“ with around 30.000 participants and 70.000 visitors on 20 September.

Hannes APFOLTERER took part with 3 orchestras: Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik, Military Music Band TYROL and Military Music Band VORARLBERG, as he was Head and Commander of both Military Music Bands at this time.


Concert in Meran, ITALY, in the wonderful gardens of the famous castle of Trautmannsdorff, which were named the „Most Beautiful Garden in Italy“ in 2006.


Flag consecration in Jenbach on the occasion of the anniversary „75 years Local Group Jenbach of the Tyrolean Kaiserjäger“. The musical accompaniment of the Holy Field Mass by the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik and the consecration of the new flag – flag goddess was Gabriela von HABSBURG – were special highlights of the 2-day-festival.


Concert tour to the former „Austrian Riviera“ to Opatija, CROATIA.

Concert performances on the beach terrace of the Hotel „Miramar“, in the Crystal Hall of Hotel „Kvarner“, march through Opatija, march concert on the beach promenade, etc.


Premiere of the composition „We love the life“ by Hannes APFOLTERER as part of a Charity Gala in favor of the Association „RollOn Austria“, moderated by Barbara STÖCKL, in the Congress Innsbruck. Hannes APFOLTERER has dedicated this piece of music to all people with disabilities as a sign of appreciation for their lives. The score of the composition he handed over to the Chairman of the Association, Mrs. Marianne HENGL.


Performance of the large military historical, musical sound painting „Dream of an Austrian Reservist“ by Carl M. ZIEHRER under the overal management of Hannes APFOLTERER with numerous contributors as actors, instrumental soloists, etc. on the village square in Stumm in the Zillertal, which is surrounded by beautiful, historical buildings.


Completion of the project „MUSIC CENTRE“ for the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik in Innsbruck.


Funeral of Mrs. Hilde ZACH, mayoress of the State capital of Innsbruck and honorary member of the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik. Mrs. ZACH was the first mayoress of an Austrian State capital.


Concert in the Gustav Mahler-hall in Toblach, in the South Tyrolean Pustertal, ITALY.


Charity Concert for the children’s cancer aid in Angerberg, moderated by the German actor Gerhard LIPPERT.


Musical co-creation and accompaniment of the memorial service on the occasion of the official commemoration by the State of Tyrol for the deceased Dr. Otto von HABSBURG, in presence of his sons, Karl HABSBURG-LORRAINE and Georg HABSBURG-LORRAINE, in the famous Basilica Minor of Stams.


On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the „Trachtenkapelle Spitz an der Donau“ invitation to Spitz at the river Danube in the Wachau, the birthplace of Karl MÜHLBERGER, legendary bandmaster of the regimental music of the 1st Tyrolean Kaiserjägerregiment and composer of the famos Kaiserjäger-March.


Musical participation in the celebrations with the unveiling of a plaque at the cemetery in Spitz together with Professor Gerhard Tötschinger, who also moderated the gala-concert of the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik in the castle of Spitz.


Bandmaster Klaus KOCH and Chairman Jürgen MÜLLER of the „Trachtenkapelle Spitz“ handed over to conductor Hannes APFOLTERER for the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik the handwritten composition book by Karl MÜHLBERGER.


On the occasion of 110 years „Grand Hotel“ of the Dr. Wilfried HOLLEIS-Family in Zell am See gala concert in the Ferry Porsche-Congress Center in Zell am See.


Musical participation in the opening ceremony of the Innsbruck Museum „Das Tirol Panorama“ on the Bergisel (Location of the giant round painting), a big party, attended by 6.500 persons. This new house is underground connected to the Kaiserjäger-Museum.


CD-production: „Erinnerungen an das kaiserliche Österreich“ for the 40th anniversary of the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik.

The composition „Erinnerungen an das kaiserliche Österreich“ with a very demanding solo for 2 bugles and orchestra, was the personal gift of conductor Hannes APFOLTERER to the orchestra for the anniversary. The premiere took place at the Innsbruck Hofburg as part of an own jubilee concert in September.


Concert tour to Spitz an der Donau and to the Heldenberg near Vienna.

At a ceremony on 15 September in Spitz in presence of the governors of Lower Austria and Tyrol, Dr. Erwin PRÖLL and Günther PLATTER, the partnership between the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik and the „Trachtenkapelle Spitz“ was sealed with certificate.


On 16 September the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik played an impressing concert at the Heldenberg near Vienna, the burial place of the old-Austrian Generality (Field Marshal General RADETZKY).


At this concert, after 150 years, the RADETZKY-Funeral March by Andreas LEONHARDT was played again.


The Heldenberg is the summer residence of the most famous horses, the Lippizaner of the Spanish Riding School.


This jubilee year of the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik ended with a jubilee gala concert on 8 December at the Congress Innsbruck.


Concert tour to Torbole, ITALY.


Double concert with the Symphonic Wind Orchestra of the district of Passau in Pocking, GERMANY.


Inauguration of the newly renovated imperial house in Baden near Vienna, on the return journey a short concert in Spitz an der Donau.


650 years of Tyrol in Austria – Solemn Mass in the Cathedral of St. Jakob in Innsbruck, celebrated by Archbishop Dr. Alois KOTHGASSER in the presence of the Austrian Federal President, Dr. Heinz FISCHER.


Concert tour to Crikvenica, CROATIA.

Concert tour to Pinzolo, ITALY (Commemorate of the begin of the First World War 100 years ago).

Concert tour to the Tonale Pass, ITALY (Commemorate of the begin of the First World War 100 years ago).

Concert tour to Krakow, POLAND (Commemorate of the begin of the First World War 100 years ago).


Concert tour to Reutlingen, GERMANY.


Great memorial service in Innsbruck „Bridges for Peace“ in presence of the Governors of Tyrol (Günther PLATTER), South Tyrol (Arno KOMPATSCHER) and Trentino (Ugo ROSSI).


Concerts in Kartitsch in the Gail Valley and in Landro near Toblach in the South Tyrolean Puster Valley, ITALY. Each concert commemorating the beginning of the First World War 100 years ago.


In March, concert tour to Stelle near Hamburg, GERMANY.

The annual highlight is the Grand Gala Concert, during which the musicians take with them up to 1.500 guests to the realm of wind music on the last Saturday of March each year.


On the occasion of the „23rd International Steller Musikantengala“ chairman Peter ZIEGLER has invited the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik as guest music for 2 concert days. In the first part of the Grand Gala Concert was played, after the break melodies from the 20th century suitable for the theme „When the pictures learned to walk“.


Early May Gauder Fest in Zell am Ziller.

Austria’s largest and most important spring- and traditional costume festival is one of the oldest folk festivals in the entire Alpine region with almost 600 years of tradition. This festival was officially declared a cultural heritage of Austria in 2014 by UNESCO.


At the ceremony on Sunday, the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik and the church choir of Zell am Ziller played and sang parts from the Deutsche Messe by Franz SCHUBERT, followed by „Die Kraft der Ruhe“ (The power of rest) by Hannes APFOLTERER, „Singt von der Liebe“ (Sing of love) by Klaus HEIZMANN and „Poco piu mosso“ from „The Year of the Dragon“ by Philip SPARKE.


This joint festival service as well as that the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik is leading the large festival parade with 2.700 participants with colorful folk and music groups, historic, festively decorated horse-drawn carriages and horseback riders, is a tradition since years. This grand parade always ensures the atmospheric end of the Gauder Fest, which is attended by about 30.000 guests.


Musical participation at the 10th anniversary of the „Schnolser Summerfest“ in the famous valley Schnalstal near Meran, ITALY.

Part of this anniversary celebration was the driving up to the mountain station with the Schnalstaler Gletscherbahn cable car in the best weather conditions, where the view of our two highest mountains was wonderful (Wildspitze 3.768 m and Ortler 3.905 m).


At noon, we played a concert on the splendid panoramic terrace of the highest hotel in Europe at 3.212 m. Then, in the valley again, followed a colorful entertainment program with many traditional marches and various melodies in the fully filled marquee.


Participation in the world famous international Military Music Festival „Spasskaya Tower“ on Red Square in Moscow in the time 24 August – 5 September, 2016.


The Red Square with the beautiful historical buildings is the most famous square in Moscow and internationally one of the most wellknown in the world. It is located in the center of the historic Moscow Old Town, in front of the eastern walls of the Kremlin, and is considered the landmark of the city with its buildings such as St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin Mausoleum and GUM Department Store.

In April 1990, the Red Square was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites together with the Kremlin, in particular the Basilius Cathedral was honored as a „Masterpiece of human creativity“.


The invitation to the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik to participate in this world famous international Military Music Festival in Moscow was the ABSOLUTE HIGHLIGHT in the international perception and appreciation of our traditional military historical orchestra.


Those pieces of music of which the conductor intended to play excerpts in the solo-performances every evening had to be sent in advance for review. Among them was also the composition „Per gli Alpini di Lavis“ by Hannes APFOLTERER. As a special gesture, Hannes APFOLTERER offered the trumpet solo to the musical director of the festival, Honored Artist of Russia, Lieutenant General Valery Mikhajlowitsch KHALILOV, for performance by a Russian soloist. He soon received the news that the soloist will be star trumpeter Vladislav LAVRIK.


But it was also said that the composition is so well received that it should be played every evening as the last piece of the joint performance of all participating orchestras while simultaneously lowering the flags of all those countries from which musical formations are taking part. Hannes APFOLTERER gladly gave his consent to this proposal.


The marching in to the solo performance of the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik on the Red Square took place with an excerpt from „The Beautiful Galathe“, followed by excerpts from „Light Cavalry“ by Franz von SUPPÉ, „Radetzky March“ (Part 1) by Johann STRAUß, from the Russian March „Girl, do not cry“ by Wladimir SCHAINSKIJ and „Edelweiß“ by RODGERS/ HAMMERSTEIN.


From the rock and pop scene were played: „Music“ by John MILES and „Let me entertain you“ by Guy CHAMBERS /Robbie WILLIAMS. Musicians: Manuel STIX as the singer („Music“) and on the custom-made drums, Marco HOLLAUS as the singer („Let me entertain you“) and keyboardist, Thomas TOLLOY as a soloist on the electric guitar, Sebastian HÖDL on the electric bass and technician Dieter ZÖSCHG at the mixing desk.


As a gesture to the festival organizers and the Russian audience, Hannes APFOLTERER had arranged and orchestrated an excerpt from Vladimir SCHAINSKIJ‘s well-known Russian children’s song „Friendship begins with a smile“ for specially for this festival for „Children’s Voice (with microphone) and Large Wind Orchestra“ and a march version. In advance, Hannes APFOLTERER had already asked the musical director of the Festival for rehearsals with three very young vocal soloists.

This children’s song was always the last piece of music of the solo performance of the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik every evening (altogether 9 x) with one of these three girls of the Russian Great Viktor POPOV-Children’s Choir as vocal soloist, who touched the hearts of the people: Sonja AFANASJEWA, Naira ARUTJUNJAN and Warja LISOWSKAJA.


The Russian star trumpeter Vladislav LAVRIK, one of the most talented musicians of his generation, born in 1980, was the first solo trumpeter of the Russian National Orchestra at the age of 20 and thus the youngest person to hold such a position in the history of this orchestra. In 2016, he received the country’s highest award for young artists, the “Prize of the Russian President for Young Artists”.


The longtime musical director of this famous military music festival, Lieutenant General Valery KHALILOV, had invited Hannes APFOLTERER to conduct in one of the evening performances the more than 1000 military musicians to his “Alpine Melody”-composition with the trumpet solo and the following march “Farewell to Slavianka” by Vasily AGAPKIN until all participating orchestras have marched off the place. For conductor Hannes APFOLTERER this was a gesture of great professional appreciation, which made him very happy.


Lieutenant General Sergej Dimitrijewitsch KHLEBNIKOV, the Commander of the Moscow Kremlin, presented Hannes APFOLTERER in the course of a press conference a specially made beautiful saber from the city of Zlatoust in the Urals, world-famous for the production of blades, in gratitude for the nightly “Farewell melody”.


Other musical appearances of the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik were the participation in the Large March Parade on the boulevard, which leads through the middle of the former exhibition center WDNH, which is now a Moscow amusement park, concerts at the Red Square next to the GUM department store, Kuzminski-Park, etc.


Weeks in advance and during the time of the festival about the participating orchestras was regularly reported in various national and international media, the performances were broadcast on Russian TV and presented on YouTube.


On each of the sold-out-evenings, about 8.000 festival visitors from all over the world experienced the solo performances of the various Russian and international orchestras and all together in a joint performance in a grand finale with more than 1.000 international musicians. The international Military Music Festival reached about 80.000 visitors at the Red Square in Moscow and millions of people worldwide via various TV stations.


On 25 December, Lieutenant-General Valery Mikhajlowitsch KHALILOV died with many members of the famous Alexandrov-Ensemble whose Director he was in the terrible plane crash in the Black Sea off Sochi. Nobody survived.


Professor Hannes APFOLTERER dedicated his composition “Thoughts and Feelings of the Soul” posthumously and in the highest esteem to Lieutenant-General Valery M. KHALILOV.


During the Russia-stay of the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik, the late Professor Gerhard TÖTSCHINGER was buried in Austria (*26.06.1946, † 09.08.2016).


At the time of the burial in Austria, Professor Hannes APFOLTERER prayed for him together with Mag. Meinhard NEUNER and Horst KONRAD in a nearby chapel in Moscow and lit a candle.


For decacds, Professor Gerhard TÖTSCHINGER was not only a companion to the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik, but a very dear friend who supported the orchestra with his knowledge. For example, as a moderator at various events such as the gala concerts in Innsbruck, in Italy and at special events in Baden near Vienna.


The CD “1000 Jahre Österreich” was produced together with Prof. Gerhard TÖTSCHINGER, he spoke the historical explanations about the history of Austria.


With the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik he was at the Lviv Opera, in 1998, on the Grand Place in Brussels on the occasion of the first assumption of the EU Presidency by Austria, and in 2006, on concert tour in the People’s Republic of China.


In 2012, the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik played a festival concert at the RADETZKY- Memorial on Heldenberg near Vienna, culminating in the performance of the RADETZKY-March in Moll, for the first time since the funeral of Field Marshal Count Radetzky in January of the year 1858.

About the story of the Funeral March spoke Professor Gerhard TÖTSCHINGER.


In September, the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik played in the Shopping Arena Salzburg in the context of the “Golden Shopping Autumn” an "Entertainment concert".


At the end of November, the new feeder train to the Giggijoch (2.283 m) in Sölden in the Ötztal, had been opened.  The Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik played at the official opening of the world’s new and most powerful 10-MGD feeder train, a monocable gondola with a recording performance of 4.500 passengers per hour.


This invitation to Sölden was a special pleasure for the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik as already about 40 years ago, she played there at the opening of the 1977 built, old 4-MGD Monocable gondola to the Giggijoch.


In early January, musical arrangement of a Holy Mass with Provost Prelate Dr. Florian HUBER in the Cathedral of St. Jakob in Innsbruck with special commemorating and praying for those killed in the tragic plane crash into the Black Sea off Sochi on 25 December 2016.


Performance of the composition “Thoughts and Feelings of the Soul”, which Professor Hannes APFOLTERER had dedicated posthumously and in the highest appreciation to Lieutenant- General Valery Mikhajlowitsch KHALILOV.


CD-production: “MARSCHMUSIK aus den ehemaligen Kronländern Russland-Deutschland-Donaumonarchie” with 12-year-old Eva PUELACHER from Oberhofen near Telfs as vocal soloist in Russian.


On 29 April, Requiem for the long-standing President of the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik, Honorary President KR Otto PLATTNER, in the Cathedral of St. Jakob in Innsbruck.


From 1991 to 2013, KR Otto PLATTNER always took care of the preservation of the traditional Association Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik. He was not only a companion in numerous performances in Austria and other European countries, he also accompanied the orchestra on the concert tours to and in China, Thailand, Turkey and in the Ukraine, etc.


KR Otto PLATTNER was the bearer of the Honor of Art and Culture of the City of Innsbruck and received in February the Decoration of the State of Tyrol.


With respect and in mourning the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik said goodbye to their long-standing Honorary President, who died at the age of 88 years on 22 April 2017.


On 29 May, the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik congratulated H.E. Archbishop Dr. Alois KOTHGASSER on his 80th birthday with special music at his residence with the Don Bosco nuns in Baumkirchen.


In July, a Moscow-based film crew from a Russian TV station visited the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik for filming a music rehearsal. During this rehearsal the Russian children’s song “Friendship begins with a smile” by Vladimir SCHAINSKIJ was performed for the Russian visitors with the 12-year-old Eva PUELACHER as vocal soloist in Russian.


In 2016, Hannes APFOLTERER had set up this children’s song for “Children’s Voice (With microphone) and Large Wind Orchestra” and performed it in Moscow.


After the music rehearsal there was a hospitable get-together with the guests from Russia in the music center.


The next day, the filming was continued on a tour with Hannes APFOLTERER in Innsbruck and surroundings.


In August, concert tour to Spitz an der Donau on the occasion of the 160th birthday of Karl MÜHLBERGER and to the hotel-restaurant „Mostlandhof“ in Purgstall.


From 28 August until 3 September concert tour to Switzerland with show performances at Avenches Tattoo in the canton of Vaud, where Tyrol was represented for 1 week very well.


With attractive, varied dance and music performances, supported by singer Romana SAMMER from Hopfgarten and the Tyrolean folk club „d’Nordkettler Rum“, the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik was able to delight the numerous audiences. But this not only in the magical arena of Avenches, but also in the federal city of Switzerland, in Bern.


The Avences Tattoo is the only Military Tattoo in Romandy.


On 15 October, Solemn Mass with Dean Dr. Ignaz STEINWENDER in the deanery church of St. Vitus in Zell am Ziller in the Zillertal.

At the Holy Mass, at the head of the high clergy H.E. Msgr. Wolfgang HAAS, Archbishop of Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein, the relics „Saint Pope JOHANNES PAUL II.“ and „Blessed Emperor KARL“ were installed.


In September, march music parade through Tramin, ITALY, followed by a concert.


On 21 October, participation of the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik with Professor Hannes APFOLTERER and the Military Music Band TYROL at the event „Brass Music-Fascination“ on the occasion of 70 years Blasmusikverband Tirol in the Olympic hall in Innsbruck.


On 8 December, at the 45th traditional Gala Concert, Professor Hannes APFOLTERER conducted the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik – at a gala concert – for the last time.


On 5 May, Professor Hannes APFOLTERER conducted the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik at the Teatro Sociale in Trento, ITALY, for the last time.


On 30 June 2018, Professor Hannes APFOLTERER not only completed his almost 25 years as musical director and conductor of the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik but at the same time he also said goodbye as a member of the Association.

Pictures with the Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik:


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